I am a people’s person who enjoys connecting with new people and familiar people. I love influencing others in a positive way. I encourage people to follow their dreams.

My talents of Individualization, Significance and Restorative gives me an advantage in the sense that I natually draw out the best in others and can match jobs to individuals instinctively. I am an independent spirit with talents so unique my work adds significance to others and the world at large. As a Restorative, I am able to assist as you as build your resume and identify marketing points for your talents. skills and capabilities.

I believe in a strengths-based approach when taking on any project. My Individualization strength gives me the ability to assign the most appropriate individual to a task. I have the ability to create a productive team.

I am a trained level 1 StrengthsFinder Talent Guide.
StrengthsFinder® Coaching helps individuals discover their strengths and find greater ways to capitalize on them, leading to both higher levels of employee engagement in the workplace, stronger overall organizational effectiveness and better relations.


Have you heard me speak?

6 thoughts on “About

    • Hehehe… Thank you 🙂 I’m more of a closet singer. I’ll see what I can do concerning youtube videos. I have a few videos, but the piano is overpowering my voice. I’ll have to sing over a mic to make it louder.
      I’m used to playing piano, but not to singing in public.


  1. James

    Hey, hows it going?

    We met on the ship, if you remember. When you do get to read this, send me an email to the email I have on here, thanks 🙂


    • Hi James!

      Good to hear from you!!! Yes, I remember you! You are the graphic designer/photographer who asked me about the equipment we use – you carried a big lens around with you 😉 Oh, and you were in the newspaper too.
      I hope you are doing great! I will email you soon!


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