Integrity (C) 2013 Elviera “Wisdomlily” Schreuder

You come here with seemingly good intentions
As your colours begin to show
I choose to ignore them as if you are pure and white as snow
A smile upon your face and words flowing like a river of grace
You specialise in making empty promises sound like oracles from above
Again I choose to ignore what I know is true about you
I do this because I desperately long to believe in you

Time goes by and I remind you of your empty promises
I remind you about the lies you told me
I remind you about your eyes taking on the persona of an innocent child
Oh how you have left me in the cold
Yet again I can’t get myself to accept the truth about you
I smile and scrape together a pile of hope

A few more times I reach out to you
I suppress my unhappiness in you…
I want to believe in you…
Another chance I want to give
My nose tingles when I think of you
Discernment has given me many clues

“One last time”, I tell myself,
I’ll taste your sweet honey
But this time it makes me sick
Layers and layers of lies
Excuses like lullabys

I smile back at you
Time to move on
I take out my scissor
And cut you loose
I hope in time you’ll learn to fly
Before you fall face and all

Today I choose to acknowledge the truth
No more will I pace back and forth
Between lies and sweet eyes
When I see colours, I will respond
I’ll cut myself loose

I choose


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