Back into Your image


Back into Your Image (C) 2013 Elviera “Wisdomlily” Schreuder

Take this heart and make it flesh…
Take this stony heart OUT of my chest!
As I read Your Word
Defining moments occur.
My eyes are opened
As I look upon the Light.
Shine bright into my life.
I know You died for me on that cross;
So I fall down on my knees
And surrender to You!
I give my all away!
Come wash over this clay!
Shape me!
Mould me!
Back into Your image!


2 thoughts on “Back into Your image

  1. Diana Ferrus

    Wow, wonderfully strong! love this – “make it flesh, stony heart out of my chest”
    “come wash over this clay” – powerful!

    I will not always have time to respond. You continue and grow. All the best!


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