Worship Today


Worship Today (C) 2013 Elviera Schreuder

Worship has been diluted to a fine tuned song played at a certain pace
We raise our hands in routine to this slow beat
Thinking that we can get His attention by a weakened version of true adoration
We write songs and call it worship
When in fact worship cannot be written by the pen of a poet or sung by a superb voice

Real worship is expressed by the outpouring of your life
By the admitting of sin
By the acknowledgment of your need for a Saviour
A desperation that drives you to His feet
Not caring who sees your brokenness
Falling on the floor and bringing your entire life
It is an act of service that goes beyond the norm
It is a debtor that is fully aware that he has nothing to pay with

Worship is packaged beautifully
It can be bought and sold on iTunes
It has been chopped up in 5 minute or 10 minute parts…
Singing a song to the Most High God cannot be the depth and the height of your worship!


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