In Him


© 2013 Elviera Schreüder (Wisdomlily)

Even in desolation,
I am satisfied by Him.
In brokenness,
I am undamaged –
For I am in Him.
I am a frail champion,
A conquering trooper!
My strength is not found in fallible fabrications
or failing innovations,
But in the Prime Mover –
God of it all.

Sometimes I reach for the light
glistening on the windowsill.
Planted there by the sun.
And then for a moment…
I think…
…that this warmth, can replenish me.
These are fleeting moments
Because all I ever want is to be with Him.

All of me is floored at His entrance…
The result, a posture of surrender.
Being with Him brings forth crazy poundings in my chest
His breath wakes me from slumber
And inwardly destiny begins to bubble
Streams of living water
Gushes into existence,
For I find life in Him!

I sigh…
For I am relieved from all this weight
And my pain fades in Him.
I am bordered with a love stronger than death
A love that never gives up
So arresting,
I can’t be isolated from it!
It is more than I can hold,
Even my mind cannot comprehend!
I never want to be released from it!
Even so, I want to make a run for it!
Because I feel so undeserving!
This heart of mine – so breakable…
His love makes my heart feel…
Yes, it makes my heart… feel…
At times I want to hide my heart away…
For I am afraid,
Afraid to hope…


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