The Whole Truth


© 2013 Elviera Schreüder (Wisdomlily)

Black tea is Azerbaijan's national drink

I woke up with thoughts running through my head…
As I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth
It took me back to last night when I was with my friends.
Oh, it felt so right.

A healthy meal we had planned,
But our conversation was poisoned
Since we all had to share our portion
Regarding the law on drugs and abortion.

After emotions erupted,
A sudden silence filled the room.
The air was smoggy and I almost couldn’t breathe…
All our words bereaved.

A cup of tea was placed in front of me.
My cheeks were glowing from a deep-seated passion
I had to suppress
For the sake of not making my friendship a mess.

I drink my cup of tea believing my opinion,
And so do you.
Oh, how people don’t see that…
…don’t see…

From our belief sprouts all we do,
We overlook truth.
Opinions fall, for the Truth is very tall.


2 thoughts on “The Whole Truth

  1. Diana Ferrus

    I love this poem I should say!!!! What was deemed to be right and wrong does not interest me, just the mere fact that you discussed these two issues. It is so mature for young people to do that! Lots of love my dear!


    • Hi Diana! Thank you so much for taking time to read my poem and also for your feedback on the technicalities of the poem – I implemented all your suggestions because they made a lot of sense.
      I guess I am blessed with amazing and mature friends!


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