I’m a VIP


Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

© 2012 Elviera Schreüder (Wisdomlily)

I’m a VIP
With a camera
Yeah, they say that there’s nothing wrong with the love of money
They are stuck, standing
But not actively executing the will of the Father
This is not just a position
It is a walk – it is a journey

Who are these money throwers?
These people who gather money like they are picking grapes
Like it is the fruit a holy life produces
Wait while I have my glass of wine
Wait while I ponder
Wait for God to speak

Behind the lens I have to capture their bling
Yeah, I AM talking about their exterior beauty
I see glimpses of good character
But the silver lining disappears when they pursue adoration from man

“Are you a pastor?”
How shall I answer that question?
My bones are on fire
The Word wants to gush out of my spirit
But this is not my place to speak
I will not play with holy things

After it all, they are still the same
Or perhaps worse
Still thinking that their salvation is found between four walls –
Their holiness in fluttering paper
And clinging coins
Loud shouts

Like those prophets of old
I cry out
Today I am bold
Telling you to return
Return to the Saviour


8 thoughts on “I’m a VIP

  1. Good poem. It is admirable to stand firmly on what you believe in, for we if we stand firmly on our belief, we cannot be shaken. When you know that your belief is firmly rooted, is when you are able receive with an open mind, and listen to those whom may not follow your belief. Again, great blog.


    • Thank you. I decided to express my feelings and experiences through poems as it helps me to deal with it, but also because I know that poetry can move people and perhaps it can also change them or challenge them.
      There are things that I feel strong about and I do not wish to “attack” anyone, but I wish to influence their thinking and their ways.

      I looked at your blog and I enjoy your poems.


      • The greatest influence will only derive from one’s true self, for we all have the ability to see through the translucent layer of an act. It is always our true intentions that manifest our most worthy actions. Thank you so much for reading my work, as well as replying.


  2. שמואל דזשאָהנני

    Sis – U dint tell me you write amazing poems !! its awesome ! – – You inspired me to write some good ones now 🙂


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