© 2012 Elviera Schreüder (Wisdomlily)

The future lies before me
I’ve seen the crossroad and
I’ve made a choice
Now I’m waiting
I am praying
I know what I want
I’ve seen a glimpse of Your plan
Guide my feet
Help me Lord

Inside I am bubbling with words and there are things that I have allowed to hold me back from speaking those words. I also have a burning passion to achieve certain things. Maybe you won’t see them as achievements but in my life I will view them as achievements.

In life we are chasing the wind as Ecclesiastes states: “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind.” I clearly see this pursuit of nothingness where I am at this stage of my life. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that I’ve also chased (and am still chasing) after a lot of meaningless things. We label things as important when really it is not even worth looking at. We disregard some important things because it is hard to deal with or demands a lot of our time and effort. We “move on” and say that the “past is the past” and that we should “live for today” and “look at the future”.

We forget that the past is the mold of the future.

When I talk about the past, I am not merely talking about the things that pierced our untainted hearts as we grew up. I am also talking about the things that inspired us and brought us great joy and pushed us into doing particular things.

All of these things act as a mold – it determines…
How we experience things.
How we react.
How we perceive.
How we respond.
How we act.

I am surrounded by a lot of different nationalities here on board the ship. These people are amazing and I am truly privileged to be able to view this tapestry of people.

Through my current circumstance, I have no choice BUT to change in various aspects. I am far away from everything I call familiar and this is good.

I am able to see what I am made of.

I am able to see how strong I really am.

I am able to see if what I say I stand for is really what I stand for.

In some areas I feel disappointed in myself whereas in other areas, I feel that I have truly climbed a higher mountain than I thought I am able to climb. All of this is good because it is all a part of working out my salvation.

One of the things that I’ve come to realize more intensely than when I was at home is the fact the this world is so lost and so deceived… The harvest is ready and TRULY I say unto you, THE LABOURERS ARE FEW!!!

God help us!
We, Your servants are asleep!
Wake us up!
Thrust us into the harvest fields!
Thrust us Lord!



4 thoughts on “Molded

  1. Yes we all should face our own journey. Learn what we’re made of and find out just what we’re made of. People often never experience what is out in the world. They often only see a little piece of it.


    • Yeah, I am very privileged to experience what I am experiencing here. Only now I have time to really “see” the differences between me (or my mindset) and people from other countries.


  2. It’s true that the past is important – it shapes us in many ways, and to keep sight of where we’ve come from gives us a better perspective of where we are now and where we must head.

    Being able to perceive things differently or more deeply than others can be a powerful gift, and usually we have our experiences to thank for this. It is often this gift of sight that leads to meaningful changes being made.


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