I decided to share one of my many poems on here. I haven’t written one in a while and will probably start writing poems again in the months to come. Let me know what you think, okay?

(copyright 2009 S.S. Schreüder)

What more can I ask?
You have given me LIFE.
Zestfully I pursue this DESTINY…

Never thought that this place would reveal itself.

Thoughts of You loom large in my head.
Mucho papers infiltrate my spirit…
I constantly CHANGE on this JOURNEY.
My eyes gaze upon many things,
My FOCUS now moves to what I yen for…

To what You embedded in this core.

My thoughts are on what lies down the road.
I hear the sound of parchment fluttering…

VISIONS overtake me now!
Oh how the Light warms my face!
My feet pound as I run towards
That coveted place!

Under my feet I feel Strength,
Under my feet I feel Peace;
As I run upon You my Rock!
I hold Your hand
And as a deer,
I pant with a thirst driving me
Beyond mediocrity!

Fear plucks me back to the T-junction,
A violent assault against my FAITH!
I will not endure this anymore!!!!
My spirit cries: “I am willing to DIE for THIS, Lord!”

I will not give up!
I will beat to ashes every box!
I will exalt You above the enemy!

To be continued…


17 thoughts on “T-JUNCTION

  1. For me it’s like seeing into the soul. Feeling every word like a wave crashing down and soaking me to the very core. It might be good for people to read where that poem came from, what experience lead you to such an expression of self, though I would hope your words would inspire a conversation on the subject line of your poem.


  2. A poem written for anyone who has an addiction and is trying hard to break it –

    There are two days in every week
    About which we should not worry
    Two days
    That should be kept free from fear and apprehension

    One is yesterday with all its mistakes and cares
    Is faults and blunders, its aches and pains

    Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control
    We cannot undo a single act we performed or erase a single word we said
    Yesterday is gone forever

    Then there is tomorrow
    With all its possibilities, it’s adversities, its burdens, its rewards

    Tomorrow’s sun will rise
    Either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds
    But it will rise

    Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow
    For it has yet to be born

    That leaves today
    Anyone can fight the battle of just one day
    It’s when you add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow
    That you break down

    It’s not the experience of today that drives a person mad
    It’s the remorse or bitterness of something that happened yesterday
    And the dread of what tomorrow might bring

    Therefore, it only makes sense
    For peace of mind and hope
    Live simply one day at a time
    Live today!

    (Thought I’d share one of mine with you)


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